Frequently Asked Questions
…and answers!!!
What to wear, what to wear!

Wear comfortable clothing that makes you feel good, and shoes with sufficient support and soles that glide.  Take care with heavy accessories and loose parts with potential to fly free and hurt or blind partners…this includes long hair which is best restrained.

Stay fresh with trips to the restroom to towel off, or change into a spare shirt.  Dancing, like all great exercise, can work up a glow and beyond. Tend to it so your partner doesn’t encounter damp skin.

Don’t overpower your partner with strong scents, good or bad!  A breath mint and deodorant go a long way in the up close and personal contact sport of ballroom dancing!

Always in style, wear a smile!

Asking and Accepting Dances!

Social dancing is a great way to meet and mingle and improve your dancing!

Ask a variety of partners over the course of the evening.  In a social dance atmosphere in the 21st century, women need not wait for men to ask them.

Accept dances, when asked, as a matter of course.  It is acceptable to decline if 1) you do not know the dance or 2) you need a rest.  It is considered unacceptable to decline a dance with one partner and then dance the same dance with another.

If approaching a group, excuse yourself and make eye contact with your desired partner so as to avoid confusion.

Dance to the level of the least experienced, be it leader or follower.  Always start with more basic steps or patterns and work up to more advanced as one’s partner’s experience and skill are ascertained.  When introducing new patterns, it is appropriate to try once, or twice.  But teaching on the dance floor is discouraged, unless specifically sought, and is always best left to teachers.

Make a point to thank your partner sincerely for the dance and accompany them off the floor.

On the Floor!

Practice courtesy and good floorcraft.  Pay attention to other dancers and the line of dance, which is counter clockwise around the dance floor.  If you choose to swing to a Foxtrot, take the center of the dance floor.

In Group Class!

Limit talking in class while the instructor is teaching.

Turn off your cell phone’s ringer during class.

Arrive for class a few minutes early if possible so you won’t disrupt the class by coming in late.  If you can’t help being late, please come in quietly.

Be open to switching dance partners during class as it tends to increase learning for all partners.

When partners are not at the same skill level, or one is having trouble with a particular step, it is right for the more experienced dancer to dance at the level of the less experienced one without unsolicited teaching or rude comments. Work with your partner to correct the step or indicate that he or she may need further instruction from the teacher but, please do not teach.

Payment Policy

Payment for for ABD activities (Such as Group Classes, Saturday Dances Workshops and New Years Eve Special Gala) may be made by Cash, Check, or Credit Card. The New Years Eve Gala requires Payment in advance. Sales for all activities are FINAL …. We have a NO REFUND POLICY, and we cannot credit full or partial sales to a future date.